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Discover “Flow of Life”

The online training to achieve beautiful results with spiritual hypnosis in your practice.

For whom is Flow of Life intended?

The hypnotherapist who believes that body, mind and spirit work together.

What does “flow of life” offer a solution to?

  • Transforming high sensitivity into a talent
  • Optimising pelvic energy
  • Central canal / Cranio Sacral pump
  • Success Coaching
  • Mediumship qualities
  • Clients with issues around bonding and feeling valuable
  • Dealing with entities
  • Resolving the causes of mechanical- and energetic blockages
  • Learning to work with stem cells through hypnosis
  • Discretion / non verbal
  • Boost your confidence as a hypnosis coach


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
What a gift you have given me again in this training, a beautiful valuable protocol to work with.
Developing your own Flow of live and being allowed to pass it on must be a fantastic feeling, which is what you radiated and could be felt from start to finish.
How wonderful to be taught by such an inspired and enthusiastic trainer.
Christophe, thank you for these 2 wonderful days Flow of Live.
Harry Heeg


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Christophe is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable teacher and hypnotherapist. I have attended many of his trainings, including The flow of life, and have also had personal therapy for myself.
Christophe listens and really cares about his students and clients. Highly recommended.
Justine Lette
CEO Thoughtworx


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I have worked with Christophe in the past and had great results. He is an excellent therapist and a skilled trainer of advanced hypnosis protocols.
Clinical Therapist, Trainer

Can Spirituality be linked to modern hypnosis and Chinese Medicine?

Of course. This programme offers the best of various disciplines!

Years experience


Eindelijk een duurzame oplossing voor complexe problemen.  Het programma wordt ook continu aangepast met extra inhoud.

Why Is
This Programme
Your ideal choice?



Dit programma werd zo opgemaakt om snel te kunnen werken naar het best mogelijke resultaat.



Oude wijsheid in combinatie met moderne inzichten. Oorzaken worden opgelost, waardoor symptomen verdwijnen.


There is an inner wisdom in everyone. Let us call this intuition. It is time we learn to deal with this.

You just need someone to explain to you HOW to do this and let you EXPECT what this can do for you.

At what levels does “Flow of Life” work?


  • More energy in the pelvic region.
  • Beautiful and healthy flow of energy through the central channel.
  • Facilitate dealing with entities.
  • Dissolving energetic blockages.
  • Improved intuition.
  • Sacrale geometry


  • Attachment and bonding.
  • Lasting and safe release of emotional blockages.
  • Reversing grief and loss into connection.
  • Sexuality (release emotions pelvis).
  • Greater Balance and Resilience.
  • Appreciation of oneself.


  • Pelvic & back problems
  • Fluid intelligence
  • Inflammation & inflammatory conditions
  • Translating polyvagal theory into practice
  • Stem cell technology
  • Cranio sacral pomp


  • Wanting to be in this body (life).
  • Using self-hypnosis with client and self (world class!)
  • Dealing with resistance.
  • Using your mind much faster and more efficiently.
  • Let concept of possibilities/abundance be experienced.
  • Sleep problems.

What value are you getting?

  • The “Flow of life” hypnosis protocol (70 pages of knowledge)
  • Pre-recorded videos with explanations for each chapter
  • Prof online learning environment
  • Monthly live Q & A zoom call’s
  • “Flow of Life” App on your phone with text and explanation
  • Always the latest version of the content (24/7 updates)
  • Access to “Flow of Life” community
  • 1 technique, used worldwide
  • English Language

What is the investment?

650 euro (excl sales tax) Outside the EU, no sales tax is necessary

786,5 euro (incl sales tax 21%)

14-day money-back guarantee!

Q: How is “the flow of life” different from the Simpson Protocol?

SP is created to solve a problem. Flow of Life is designed so every human can function as meant to be. Obviously, SP people be in their element with this programme. It is very complementary. Many years of practical experience go into this gem.

If I attend the training, will I be personally supervised?

On top of the free membership to the online community, we provide you with free monthly live Q&A via zoom. All questions are answered with utmost care. All updates to the programme are made available 24/7 for all practitioners free of charge. Aftercare and quality is our top priority.

Where can I start?